Ruvernicun Walóron

Dragonborn paladin, champion of the god Shochraos


Clan name Ruvernicun, personal name Walóron
Blue dragonborn
No horns, but smaller spikes potrude from his head and down his spine
Stands at 240 cm tall, and was considered the tallest of his tribe. However it is not unusual for dragonborns to reach into these heights.
Walóron is covered in scars, the biggest being one on his shoulder, which he got during the raid of his tribe, and one on his abdomen when he was impaled by a Death Knight in the tunnels of the Underdark.


Born in the Ruvernicun tribe of thunder dragonborns, Walóron was raised as a healer and a mentor for the young.
He was married/united in true mateship with Ruvernicun Eluaron, who he saved after being fatally wounded.
One night the whole tribe was attacked and everyone was killed. While trying to protect the unhatched eggs, Walóron was knocked unconcious, with a blow to his back. The last thing he saw was his husband falling.

Ruvernicun Walóron

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