Book I - Act I - Scene I: Jailbreak

Criminals to thieves to adventurers.


  • Freija of Shun’tarr: Charge – aiding and abetting a criminal; Stumbled upon a person being beaten to a pulp by a gang of thugs, in reality, the thugs were guards of Themstead, and the person was a thief.
  • Estrella Hallewell: Charge: Thievery; Broke into the local arcanist’s shop to steal a magic Tiara.
  • Keiu Pa: Charge – Public Disturbance; Arrested for unsettling people in the inn by “Dancing weirdly and carving demonic sigils in the tables.”
  • Ruvernicun Walóron: Charge – Unlawful Dueling; Challenged a guard to a duel (and kicked the snot out of them) for saying something racist about dragonborn.
  • Pyourim: Charge – Arson; Set fire to a barn he was squatting in because he was startled by a stray dog.

NPC’s that appear in this scene:

Freyja is freed by a ballista arrow fired from a bandit siege of the town of Themstead. Chaos ensues, and Freyja uses the cover of the riot caused by the bandits to free a number of other prisoners in the jail she has been captured in, in the hopes that they will in turn help her escape the town unscathed.
Freyja, Estrella, Keiu, Walóron and Pyourim set out, dispatching guards and bandits alike in their bid for freedom.
Estrella acquires the Circlet of Blasting from a bandit that had looted the shop she was imprisoned for burglarizing.

In the town proper, the party arrives at a barn in the process of burning, horses are screaming from the inside. Freyja enters, finding D’jarr, a beautiful warhorse. She rescues him and instantly forms a bond with him, helped along by her Shun’tarri heritage and skill with horses.

The party, having nowhere to go and no one to go there with, wander with each other for a while. They happen upon laughter coming from a small camp of bandits that are leaving Themstead.
They ambush the bandits, taking a carriage and the horse hitched to it.
Estrella finds a note detailing a rendezvous point for the bandits at a later location.
The party also finds some paintings.

The party arrives at the larger camp, storming it and dispatching the bandits that were there before advancing on the tent housing Maudra Kilken. She blasts the party with a well-placed spell and escapes.
The bandits are collecting paintings for some reason.
The party takes a long rest.
Walóron acquires Final Rest.
Keiu aquires the Robe of Eyes.


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