Book I - Act II - Scene II: The Gates

The party currently consists of:

NPC’s that appear in this scene:

[Keiu and Walóron’s players are absent, and so controlled by the DM until reaching the city, it is assumed they are simply peacefully traveling with the party.]

Once Torque has uprooted itself from Davenheat, the party follow it along the road, coming to a stop at a toll gate set up along the road in the middle of nowhere. The party is accosted by three gnomes attempting to scam them, the party finds this highly amusing, and Freija is so amused that she pays a lot more than the toll, the gnomes run away as they never expected to make so much.

The party continues onward, being repeatedly warned about a storm coming by Torque. They do not heed the warnings however, and simply wait until the thunderstorm hits. They struggle through it, deciding to leave Torque to trudge through on its own before reconsidering and going back to find it.
After the storm, the party takes a long rest by the road.

They forge onward, wet and covered head to toe in mud. The gates to Cairmrochein are currently closed, and also waiting to get in is a merchant named Abenthy (Ben).
The tinker introduces himself and begins to trade with the party, Estrella does some bartering for Heward’s Handy Haversack, trading in her bag of holding and some money for it.

The haversack is old and has had many owners, and so when Estrella pulls something out of it at random, she draws out The Deck of Many Things. Ben warns her of its power and the misfortune that often befalls its users, but Estrella is still burning with curiosity.
Soon enough, more people arrive and the party is let in. After a quick inspection at the gate the party is anxious to get to an inn and clean themselves.
Walóron wanders off, saying he has business to attend to.
Keiu leaves, mumbling something about this being where their paths would part.

The party makes a brief stop at the information desk to acquire a map and some directions before heading off to the nearest inn.
Upon arrival at The Wagon Wheel, the party stumbles in upon Thesera as she wows the gathered folk at the inn with a rousing and wonderful tale.
Freija and Abron spend some time drinking and talking to Thesera, while Estrella goes upstairs to bathe. Upon reaching her room, she retrieves the Deck of Many Things and decides to draw a couple of cards.
She draws:
Balance (nothing happens, she is true neutral)
Thinking not much of it, she goes for her bath and is haunted by the Devil as per the Flames card by boiling hot water coming from the tap. It only happens for a second however, and so she finishes her shower, not knowing what had happened.
Upon returning, curiosity gets the best of her once again, and so she decides to draw.
She draws:
And her body is locked away.
Freija happens upon her belongings (and the cards) scattered across the floor, she assumes the worst and fetches the others. They investigate the scene, but Freija flips a card on the floor by accident. Freija touches the card left by the Throne card.
She draws:
However, rolling incredibly well, she destroys the phantom with a single blow.
The party decides to go to an arcanist to try and find some answers after getting some rest. Thesera sits with the cards, and curiosity gets the better of her.
She draws:
And goes to bed.
In the morning, the party goes to the arcanist, showing him the Deck. The old man is fearful of the Deck, telling them he cannot help them, but that a Wish spell can help bring Estrella back.
Freija obstinately draws a card right then and there.
She draws:
And her soul leaves her body.
Thesera brings her back to the inn, and continues drawing cards in search for the Moon card, which she finds out is in the deck by asking as per the Vizier card.
She draws:
She learns the location of Freija’s soul is Glæsheimr.
She informs Abron and promptly passes out. A few days pass where Thesera is weak and has trouble doing much of anything, due to her casting the single wish spell she had acquired.
During these days, Thesera tried her best to keep Freija clean and fed.
Abron spends this time drinking at the bar. During his tenure there, Telarion enters the tavern in loud fashion, slamming open the double doors, covered in grime and soot and muck, and sits down at a table.
Drunk Abron sees this as a perfect opportunity to make a new friend, and goes over to talk to him. Telarion attempts to diffuse the conversation, but Abron would be having none of it.
Thedra informs the two that there is a circus in town, and so Abron drags Telarion along.
At this point, Thesera feels a little stronger, and is able to go downstairs, she is then informed, as the others were, that the circus is in town, and her friends have gone to see it. She decides to follow.

As everyone gathers, the show starts, and Ielenia is presented. She begins her dance with the birds, but overbalances and falls off the stage. Telarion and Thesera both rush to catch her, but Thesera is too slow. Telarion manages to catch her, and attempts to play it off as part of the show, with mild success. Ielenia runs off, and the party goes backstage to talk to her.
The next morning, of her own accord, Ielenia decides that she wants to leave the circus and travel with these people, and so she packs her things and heads up to the tavern.

Book I - Act II - Scene I: Torque
To Caimrochein

The party currently consists of:

NPC’s that appear in this scene:

  • Torque
  • Lissa, Sirah, and Bennet Corlifext

Our heroes continue down the road to Davenheat. Along the way they happen upon a powered down warforged. Confused, the party investigates, and eventually find that the core of the warforged had been damaged across a key rune. Freija fixes it with some clever whetstone action and powers it on.
The party discovers that the warforged is named Torque, and that it was built by a gnomish merchant a long long time ago to escort him back and forth on the road between Cairmrochein and Thievesbrook.
Something had happened, causing the warforged to become marooned on the road, and it had been there for so long that the roads had been worn around it and it had begun to sink into the ground.

Torque immediately begins his quest upon being able to move, trouncing off along the road towards Davenheat.

Upon reaching Davenheat, the warforged sits down, and refuses to move until 24 hours have passed so it has a chance to sell its wares.

Estrella is extremely nervous about staying there, due to her uncomfortable past when she grew up there. She doesn’t tell the party this, and the party decides to stick around for the night and follow the warforged in the morning.
The town is empty, having been taken over by a sect of the same cultists that the party has been interacting with.
None in the party realize this, however, and so simply sleep the night. (after drinking a little too much)

In the middle of the night, they are ambushed by the cultists and captured, the cultists had had plans to rob them, but Keiu saves the party, leaping in at the last second. They keep one cultist alive for questioning, intending to bring him back to the inn and question him there.

However. They were sold out by Lissa, Sirah, and Bennet Corlifex, the people that run the tavern, and there are more cultists waiting for them.
The party defeats them and Estrella reveals herself to the innkeepers.

Lissa and Estrella have a shouting match, Lissa blaming Estrella for leaving (as Estrella’s mother, one of the city’s protectors, had killed herself from shame). Her father died protecting the village.
Estrella leaves in tears and goes to the old temple to mope while the party collects itself.

Book I - Act I - Scene IV: Viking Burial
Death strikes.

The party currently consists of:

NPC’s that appear in this scene:

Keiu wanders back to town to attempt to process the murder of someone so obviously religious.

They continue through a magically locked door into a hallway.

The hallway is trapped, and the walls begin to close in. The party panics and begins to argue. Just before the walls crush the party, Pyourim blows open the stone blocking the entrance. The party scrapes through, barely.

The party piddles around for a bit before entering the final chamber where The Twins await them. The party does battle with them, and Pyourim is killed. The Twins escape.

Pyourim’s body is burned (it’s what he would have wanted), and the party sadly makes their way back out of the dungeon, discovering a werebear chained up in a side room on their way out. They free him and return to Thievesbrook.

The party runs some errands, Estrella and Freija go to the marketplace and Walóron goes to the smithy, meeting Orthus.
In the marketplace, a drunk is ejected from the more high class establishment of the Rescued Maiden, Freija and Estrella go over to make sure he is okay, and meet Abron. He agrees to join them on their journey, mostly because he had nothing better to do with his time.

The party sets out again, traveling on the Eastern road out of Thievesbrook towards Davenheat. They settle down to camp for the night and are ambushed by more cultists of Kyralei. They fight off the cultists, discovering that they carry amulets imbued with a death spell, that when crushed by the hand of their wielder, kill them.

The party settles down for the night again.

Book I - Act I - Scene III: Breakfast and Bedlam

The party currently consists of:

NPC’s that appear in this scene:

In the morning, the party goes downstairs to have breakfast, sitting down and overhearing two people speaking Auran nearby.
Once they left, Keiu and Estrella tailed them, while the others went to retrieve D’jarr.
The people notice this and run for it, the party chases them down and kills them a little ways outside of Thievesbrook.

The party happens upon a statue of a bear in the woods outside of the city. Estrella recognizes the mask that has been painted on it as one of the symbols of Kyralei.
Keiu discovers that the statue opens up into a hatch leading down into a den filled with cultists. The party climbs down and ambushes the cultists, killing them with a lot of fire and chaos.

In the fire and chaos Pyourim sets fire to a tapestry hanging on the wall, which burns aside to reveal a door. Upon going through the door Pyourim discovers a Bag of Holding. Which he then gives to Estrella after she begs him for it.

Book I - Act I - Scene II: To Thievesbrook

The party currently consists of:

NPC’s that appear in this scene:

The party continues towards Thievesbrook, and along the way, they happen upon a traveling circus.
Freija speaks with their leader, Kieran while Walóron gets along with the children and Pyourim interacts with Trek, the circus’s cartographer.
After watching a short performance and resting, the party continues on traveling until they reach Thievesbrook.

Estrella sets off on her own to find an inn to stay at and rent a room for herself, while Freija and the rest of the party sets off to find a stable to keep D’jarr and to sell the other horse and carriage. The stable master gives them a very bad price for everything, but Pyourim notices. However, he handles the situation badly, attempting to threaten the stable master. The others manage to pacify him, and they end up getting a slightly better deal (but still a terrible one).

Upon returning from the stables, the party rents rooms at the Bloody Axe (meeting bartender 1). Estrella had already rented a room there.

In the middle of the night, Daven, whom Estrella was ordered to kill by Kyralei, shows up in Estrella’s window. He pleads with Estrella to not kill him, instead urging her to go after a nearby cult and then come see him in Cairmrochein.

At the same time, two dragonborn show up at Walóron’s door, urging him to come to Cairmrochein.

Book I - Act I - Scene I: Jailbreak
Criminals to thieves to adventurers.


  • Freija of Shun’tarr: Charge – aiding and abetting a criminal; Stumbled upon a person being beaten to a pulp by a gang of thugs, in reality, the thugs were guards of Themstead, and the person was a thief.
  • Estrella Hallewell: Charge: Thievery; Broke into the local arcanist’s shop to steal a magic Tiara.
  • Keiu Pa: Charge – Public Disturbance; Arrested for unsettling people in the inn by “Dancing weirdly and carving demonic sigils in the tables.”
  • Ruvernicun Walóron: Charge – Unlawful Dueling; Challenged a guard to a duel (and kicked the snot out of them) for saying something racist about dragonborn.
  • Pyourim: Charge – Arson; Set fire to a barn he was squatting in because he was startled by a stray dog.

NPC’s that appear in this scene:

Freyja is freed by a ballista arrow fired from a bandit siege of the town of Themstead. Chaos ensues, and Freyja uses the cover of the riot caused by the bandits to free a number of other prisoners in the jail she has been captured in, in the hopes that they will in turn help her escape the town unscathed.
Freyja, Estrella, Keiu, Walóron and Pyourim set out, dispatching guards and bandits alike in their bid for freedom.
Estrella acquires the Circlet of Blasting from a bandit that had looted the shop she was imprisoned for burglarizing.

In the town proper, the party arrives at a barn in the process of burning, horses are screaming from the inside. Freyja enters, finding D’jarr, a beautiful warhorse. She rescues him and instantly forms a bond with him, helped along by her Shun’tarri heritage and skill with horses.

The party, having nowhere to go and no one to go there with, wander with each other for a while. They happen upon laughter coming from a small camp of bandits that are leaving Themstead.
They ambush the bandits, taking a carriage and the horse hitched to it.
Estrella finds a note detailing a rendezvous point for the bandits at a later location.
The party also finds some paintings.

The party arrives at the larger camp, storming it and dispatching the bandits that were there before advancing on the tent housing Maudra Kilken. She blasts the party with a well-placed spell and escapes.
The bandits are collecting paintings for some reason.
The party takes a long rest.
Walóron acquires Final Rest.
Keiu aquires the Robe of Eyes.

The Adventure Log

Welcome to the Adventure Log!

I’ll be posting all the logged adventures I have thusfar, and after that, its up to you guys (with my help of course) to help me write a log after each session! You only need to write a little each and then we’ll have a short summary, which is all we need.

Thank 4 help.
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